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Vehicle-mounted three-in-one (OBC + DCDC + PDU) two-way charger

Vehicle-mounted three-in-one (OBC + DCDC + PDU) two-way charger
● High power density, novel design, low system cost
● Small size, light weight, high integration
● High performance index, high safety and reliability
● Sound protection function, has the basic protection function of the power supply
● High efficiency, peak efficiency reaches 96%
● CAN communication/UDS diagnosis/Boothloader function
● Cooling method: water cooling
● Power factor high load is no less than 0.99, total harmonic content is no more than 5%



This product is highly intelligent and highly-integrated on-board charger, including 6.6kw two-way OBC module, 2.2kw DCDC module, and PDU part.

Input voltage range 176~264 VAC, output voltage range is [email protected], 96% conversion efficiency.

Two-way charge and discharge function;

Regulate pressure and flow through CAN protocol and BMS communication;

Water cooling design, device selection meet the requirements of vehicle regulation. Accord with vibration, water-proof, EMC, safety requirements.

AC-DC input

Input voltage: 176V~264Vac

Input frequency: 47~63Hz

Power factor: >0.99 FULL LOAD

Harmonic current: <5%@20A 330Vdc @220VAC

Input maximum current: ≤32A

Inrush starting current: ≤rated input current 130%

Input protection: AC over-voltage protection, AC under-voltage protection, input 5KA lightning protection, input current limiting protection.

AC-DC output

Output voltage: 330VDC, adjustable from 240 to 420V;

Output power: [email protected],331V~460V constant power at 6.6kw;

Maximum output current: 20A;

Efficiency: 96%;

Stability accuracy: ≤±1%;

Voltage stabilization accuracy: ≤±1%;

Output protection: output over-voltage protection, output under-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, power battery reverse protection.

DC-AC input

Output rated voltage: 220Vac

Output voltage range: 210Vac~230Vac

Output frequency: 50Hz±1%

Output power: >3.5KW

Output power factor: 0.9

Inverter frequency: >90%

Overload capacity: >130% ≥20S

Other parameter characteristics

Communication mode: CAN communication

Operating temperature: -40~85℃

Cooling mode: water-cooled (-20~60℃)

Protection class: IP67

Humidity: 5%~95% no condensation

Size: 360*275*167mm(length*width*height)

Weight: ≤15.5kg

Insulation and pressure resistance

Input to output: 3KVAC

Input to ground: 1.5KVAC

Output to ground: 1.5KVAC

MTBF: ≥300000H

Auxiliary function

CC wake up recognition function

CP detection function

Electromagnetic lock function

Real-time temperature monitoring

Software sleep. Wake up

UDS diagnosis

Bootloader function



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