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Huntkey Awarded "Year 2017 Core Partner" by Huawei


On Nov. 15, 2017, Mr Luo Wenhua, President of Huntkey, was invited to attend the CEO night of a grand conference named "Year 2017 Core Partner" which was held by Huawei. The next day, He and Mr Liu Maoqi, Chief Executive Officer of Huntkey, jointly attended the eleventh Core Partner Conference (CPC), and at the conference, Huntkey was awarded "Year 2017 Core Partner".

Pic.1: Mr Luo Wenhua(R) with Mr Yao(L), President of the Procurement Qualification Mgmt Dept, Director of the Group Procurement Management Committee of Huawei

Pic.2: Mr Luo Wenhua(L) with Mr Yu Chengdong(R), Director and CEO of the Consumer BG of Huawei

Pic.3: Huntkey was awarded "Year 2017 Core Partnerby Huawei

Pic.4: Mr Liu Maoqi represented Huntkey at the award ceremony

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