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Huntkey Won the Outstanding Quality Award of 2016 by Huawei


The 2017 annual quality meeting of Huawei suppliers was held in its headquarter in Bantian on April 21. More than 140 suppliers in the industry took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, Huntkey won the Outstanding Quality Award of 2016 and became the only supplier of power supplies that has won this award.

The Outstanding Quality Award of 2016

Mr. Zhang Jianhua, as the main contact of Huntkey group, won the Outstanding Customer Service Award by the technical certification department of structural parts, cables and fittings. Only six people won this award.

The Outstanding Customer Service Award of 2016

Mr. Ye Guirong, who is in charge of quality management in Huntkey, was invited to give a speech of strict stock management and informationization.

Mr. Ye Guirong Gave A Speech of Strict Stock Management and Informationization

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